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Maybe you are...

Successful executive

A successful executive in a high powered company thinking about retirement. 

Hourly employee

An hourly employee just trying to make ends meet and make it through another week.

Need next steps

Working from home and aren't sure what's next, continuing on or returning to the office?

Missing out

Pursuing multiple income streams to live the life of your dreams and yet something is missing. 

Angela Lahman

I remember what this was like for me.

When I was first separated and then divorced I remember telling others that I couldn’t plan past a month out. I couldn’t see a vision for what my life could be– all I saw was what was right in front of me.


During those days, my mom was the one who saw my greatness under my wounds.  Most of the time, I didn’t even know my purpose – all i could do was show up in blind faith and trust the process.

At one point we spent time planning and leading a summer camp for high school students. We offered a week-long experience in the mountains where kids could learn life skills. I worried I wouldn’t have the funds to pay for the extras my own kids would need that summer and yet the work paid off.  In these retreats, we made vision boards and discussed issues of the heart and family. We created a circle of trust because of our deep vulnerability.

These were all areas of my life that had taken a beating in the years prior. I knew the content as part of my core values but I wasn’t sure that I could model them now, I felt broken beyond repair.


One pebble tossed into the pond of personal development created a ripple effect. We reached over 300 kids in those two years. I discovered that this was also true of my own growth and healing.


When I didn’t have the strength, it didn’t hurt to hold onto others while I built the stamina to do it on my own.

In a few years, I was helping my business leaders develop their own visions in the areas of family and faith. . . career and service. I could look beyond my immediate pain and loss and envision a future with hope. 


Plug into a community of like minded, supportive people who have uplifting conversations.  Surround yourself with people who have vision and belief to share with you. Listen to inspirational speakers through podcasts and books. 

believe in yourself graphic
“Faith is the only known agency that will give your thoughts a spiritual nature. Faith and fear make poor bedfellows. Where one is found, the other cannot exist.” Napoleon Hill Quote

It’s true what has been said, “what we think about, comes about.” Or “energy flows where attention goes.”


Do you know the difference between scarcity and abundance? Mindset. Those who live with a growth mindset and look for ways to bless others in the course of their days, receive back tenfold in what they give away.


Lynne Twist in her book, Soul of Money, left a huge impression on my heart when she wrote about the spirit of abundance. She asserts, “prosperity flows from sufficiency.” If we hold onto what we have too tightly, we won’t have an open palm to receive what God has in store.


For those who study the Bible, you are probably familiar with Hebrews 11:1. “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” 

We can align our thoughts with a higher purpose or calling. We will find it easier to overcome fear when it arises (because it always will).


Pray earnestly for a restored faith, use positive quotes and mantras to replace fear, repeat affirmations, choose your words carefully when speaking or thinking (more on this idea of conscious language later), practice aroma freedom to dig at the initial times we felt the fear declare against the fear: I’ll do it scared!


Choosing faith over fear is by far one of the best steps you can do to build your confidence around wealth.


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