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I partner with women to create life on their own terms

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My interests have always been in helping professions. I studied conflict resolution and communication in college. I began teaching in the K-12 public school system and did so on and off for 10 years while I had young children.
My formal education is in Communication, Education, Conflict Transformation, Spiritual Direction, and Aromatherapy. These areas have greatly informed my daily approach to life. Over the past 25 years, I have learned from and drawn on the wisdom of many thought leaders, teachers, theologians, authors, and mentors. I love to curate resources for others as a health and business coach.
I am a connector and community builder for women. My focus is emotional wellness + spirituality + leadership.

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When I was going through a divorce in 2012, I was working long hours as a teacher with no guarantee my job would be funded the following school year. I was making barely enough to support myself and my 2 kids, but I wanted to provide a better lifestyle for us that included vacations and stability. I decided to start sharing my story about how much Young Living was benefiting our lives!


I started my business in 2014 to connect my love of health and wellness products with being spiritually centered or even a little off-center! 

I’m super intrigued by all things psychology and spirituality.

If you are too, I’m an:

  • ENFJ
  • Enneagram 2w3 
  • Yellow-blue

This translates to a people-loving, community-building aficionado! 


I lead with these gifts and see my limitations as “growth edges.” I see and believe in the inherent worth of every person and choose to notice the beauty around me every day. 

I believe in the inherent worth of every person and choose to notice the beauty around me everyday. - Angela Lahman

I feel incredibly blessed to have taken time to re-integrate my own pieces through this healing work and personal development. In 2017, I ran a full marathon and started to focus more intently on my physical fitness while continuing to build my network marketing business. 


Because I can work in part-time hours, I also started chauffeuring my children to their extracurricular activities, traveling internationally, and connecting with local charities and communities to give back.

I’m now married to my sweet and generous husband, and together we are launching our 4 teenagers into the world to live to live lives in line with their character and calling. 

Angela and Jerry Wedding Day
Angela Lahman

Working with my customers and brand partners from this place of wholeness is a true honor, allowing me to call forth their deepest and best health and/or wealth goals in very practical ways. As a certified Aroma Freedom practitioner, incorporating oils into my spiritual direction while inspiring deeper searching and emotional wholeness has now become a way of life. 


I co-founded Living Well Now with my family. Together we have created a movement of people determined to impact families everywhere to embrace wellness, purpose, and abundance. 


Contact me to learn more about stepping into your next season!