See what is possible

With a Young Living Business

See What's Possible With A Young Living Business

Angela Lahman and family
Angela Lahman and family surfing in costa rica

Let me be honest...

I could hardly see a month down the road when I first started building my Young Living business.

At the time I was working more hours for less pay at my teaching job.

I wasn’t willing to go get another job trading hours for money.

I saw the potential of working from home and earning enough to meet our immediate needs.


Since I had recently divorced and was facing financial hardship, I focused my efforts. I took steps toward securing my family’s future with one income by our meeting short-term goals.

For example, to keep my kids healthy and happy while raising them in two homes was a first goal of mine. 


I adjusted my work hours to fit their schedules and asked for childcare help. I even wrote on one list of goals that I simply desired to bake cookies once/month with my kids. When I was working at the school, I didn’t have time to do that.

I knew the possibility was there, but I couldn’t SEE the big results… yet.

Currently, I’m a platinum leader with Young Living. I have been to several of the Young Living farms located all over the world, including Utah, Idaho, Hawaii, Ecuador, and Croatia.

It’s pretty amazing to be a part of a company that invites members to visit its farms to see how essential oils are made.

It’s so important to be a part of a community that is dedicated to helping you learn how to use the oils too.


That’s what our community is all about. We’re focused on ongoing education and have a ton of resources to help you, including weekly online classes, monthly local classes (in the Phoenix area), text classes, videos, testimonials, private Facebook groups and so much more.

Angela Lahman jumping in lavender field- Young Living Essential Oils
Young Living Winter Harvest- Angela Lahman

Could you use extra income?

During the real estate crisis of 2008, most families only needed $300 more per month to keep from losing their homes to foreclosure. 


Most families are so strapped for time that going out to get an extra part-time job may be out of the question. So why not find something where you earn $300/ month in part-time hours that you design yourself?


The typical American household has an average of $8,863 in the bank. Financial advisors say we need to have 6-12 months of savings to prepare for unexpected circumstances. Most people have their day jobs to cover the essentials and lifestyle. Many plan throughout their lives how to make more money and save more money.



If you could use a little (or a lot) extra, I invite you to take a look at the Young Living Business opportunity. Watch this quick video, then contact me and I’m happy to answer any questions you may have. 

Young Living Essential Oils

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